Nick's Journal
2003-01-24 05:41:12 (UTC)


So as of late i've been noticing some atrocious attempts
at "courting" know, when guys strut their feathers
to get with a girl. according to my personality i'm lousy
at flirting and i look down upon it. i dont get it and
think it's ridiculous. anyhow i've noticed two different
types of "mating rituals".
you have the artsy, shaved head, weighs 110 lbs soaking
wet, wears dark-rimmed glases, i drink way too much
coffee, but it comes in a 100% recycled cup, so that's how
i'm helping out society, pussy. now his courtship
involves his "intellect". he goes through the elaborate
process of listing everyone of his "achievements" with a
subtle humility. "oh yeah i GUESS i strapped that aids-
ridden african american child on my back and swam across
the atlantic so that he could eat at mcdonalds 'just
once'". sigh tomorrow i'm going to have to go revive the
dead and then protest a war that i have no idea about but
will throw wild allegations at just because i'm too dense
to read. and then the girl goes, "wowwwwww,you know i
admire that SO're like.....doing i
don't know what i want to do" if it's a smart
geek he'll say, "why darlin' you are doing a lot, i mean
you did help that squirrel on the way over"....then the
girl feels good about herself and they fuck.
now you also have the jock. hee's the exact opposite, the
last thing he wants is for the girl to try to get inside
of his head (cos there ain't shit there). he's the guy
that just HAS to take his shirt off. somehow there's an
excuse for it. plus the funniest part is when they try to
impress by appearing ambitious......."yeah well i'm like
majoring in business".....yeha so what? so is every other
dipshit (like myself). the only business y ou'll have in
a firm is make sure it deosn't run out of toilet paper.
dont' kid yourself.
one anomaly i've noticed is that the geeks or rather
normal/smart guys are always with a girl, while those
muscular brutes are always alone and courting the sluts
(who inveritably are beguiled).
you know what i hate? those jerks that wear a t-shirt and
some shorts in 7 degree weather. shit if i was a 300 lb
land monstrosity i could probably go around in a tank top
too. instead my balls are clinkin' together, my snot is
freezing (which i hate cos it's so weird and at the same
time so fucking anoying). i love the feeling of warming
up in the class room when you've been i that shit. but i
don't like the freezing part.
a downsie graduated from a highschool. whats so special
about that that it gets it's own hbo show? that's just
ridiculous. it seems that by lowring the common
denominator of intelligence so god damn low, EVERYBODY
must feel good about themselves. i mean if a downsie can
finish high school maybe you might stop beating your wife
and run for congress. and stop tailgating me.