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2001-09-15 04:26:24 (UTC)


hey! yay!! my ex's ex (LC) doesn't like my ex(JD)
anymore!!! so thats the totally great news!!! bad news is
my friend and her sister act.....a little mad at me. I mean
(AS-best friend) I get cause her familys going through
tough stuff and I probably havent been the greatest friend. But for
some reason her sister is being weird! Like she doesnt talk to me, we
used to walk to class with each other but now she doesnt. I dunno it
just like my life is sorta falling apart. OH and wow!!! I kinda sorta
like this guy who is soooo hot! but he has a girlfriend....oh
well...anyways!...I feel sooooo horrible about the planes. I mean in
6th grade i went to school with one of the pilots son and daughter.
Its weird!! I mean it shows you how small a world it really is!and
its just so sad n depressing when you hear tribute songs an hear how
other COUNTRIES are mourning it. I mean thats when you realize how
serious this really is. Just think of how bad it must have been
knowing youre gonna die or knowing i dunno just its so sad. well i
better go then.... byebyebye!