What goes on in my own little world
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2003-01-24 05:15:13 (UTC)

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day. Didn't do much, didn't have much
school, no homework. Well I did have homework, but didn't
do any of it. I found out today that they are thinking
about doing the draft again for 18 year olds, and I'll lbe
18 this year. But soemthing good is... i sleepwalk, so
they wouldn't let me in a base full of our men with life
amunision while we all sleep. proven fact! But besides
that, today was a pretty lazy day, i just sat around... oh
well, see ya,
Song of the Day: I get high by Styles P
Tip of the Day: Watch what you do to other people, no
matter what it ALWAYS comes back on you, always. As they
say "What goes around comes around" and all i got to say
is true.. true...