My Life Story
2001-09-15 04:17:10 (UTC)

YEA!!! :)

What a night!!! Tonight's football game was really close.
Wooster lost, but it was still a really good game. Today at
school I told E how I really liked this one guy (T). Well,
E, who is very good friends with T, talked to him to see if
he felt the same way. T just told E that she couldn't be an
interpretor and that if I wanted to know anything I had to
talk to him myself. Well, during the game tonight I went
and talked to E and she explained all of this to me. After
wasting a lot of time being a wuss I finally went and
talked to T. Things went really well. He put his arm aroung
me, we were chatting about all kinds of random stuff, and
then I asked him to homecoming and he said yes!!!! I was
(and still am) REALLY excited!!! :) Yay!!! Well, that's my
story for the night!! I'm just gonna go and think about T
now.... :)

~Daria :)