My Life
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2003-01-24 03:18:42 (UTC)


Well I just wanted to write cuz I'm fucked up right now!!!
And I just mean TWEEKED! Anyways I was thinking about
writing my sister a letter just to say Hi Cuz we don't talk
much anymore and I wanted to share alittle of my life with
her!! I just felt like being close to her today so after
this entry I'm going to email her! I wonder if she is still
online????? HMMMMMMMmmmmmm I am not sure! I better just
write her a normal letter or send her a cute card I don't
know!! Maybe later that's too much right now! LOL too high
for that! I gotta lug up these damn boxes cuz they are
driving me crazy Yesterday i finally took down my christmas
tree and decorations Usually i take them down early but i
have been too damn tired to do it this year! So anyways
sean went back to school today And he had a good day :) I'm
glad for him I really hope he learned his lesson and i do
believe he did! I hope all this bs passes quickly cuz it
sucks! I really think they should just let it rest He's
heard enough about it and has been punished enough He knows
what he did was wrong!!! Well my mother called so i'm gonna
have to finish this later!!
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeee

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