Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-15 04:08:01 (UTC)


Today, yeah it started out suckeriffic, just like my
peircing, acording to chad, but i am not there yet, okay
first, emily planned last sunday to go out today with me
for my late b-day bash with her, well then she decided to
go with the techies instead, then her b/f was being a dick
an got jelious of me! OF ME!! how dumb is that? okay then i
get ditched by her to go talk to her b/f and yet again feel
like a third wheel, go figure, right? But hey, it went all
good, my mom came and picked me up today, and we went on a
shopping spree, it was so much fun, it was for a belated b-
day gift and for school clothes i never got, we got a cool
new coat, and a pleeted skirt, and a mesh tank top, and 2
pairs of really cool pants, it was so fun, just me and my
mom chillin, the after we went home my kick ass ashley
daughter person, and her trusty bitch and MY sexy bitch
chris, and we talked a bit, then the parents took me to
dinner with them, it was cool though, but it was to dennys
so i was figuring chad was going to be there, ya know, like
he is every fri. night with dan, not crudele dan, and they
didnt show up by the time that my parents fled, so i
faithyous knopeous said she would give me a ride home if he
didnt come, well he came right as we were going to leave,
so i stayed with him and dan, so i did, and there they
expressed how much they hated my peircing, again, and chad
practically begged me to hide it, and i am thinking of doin
so cause i just dont feel like hearing it, but the prob
with that is that i can form a callous in my nose, that
would be bad, yeah, bad! and so i dont know where i am
going with that, and then we saw one of his ex-girlfriends
at dennys so they fled the resterant, in fear,yeah, so hear
i am writting in my diary, not sure why, but its all good!
yeah well ta ta, and person who responded, if you read
again, thanks!