~~Eirry Berry~~
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2003-01-24 01:19:52 (UTC)

Work or lack thereof and Josh

January 23
I went to college; it was entirely too
cold out this morning and it made me wish that I did not
choose to take a class at 8 a.m., but oh well, nothing can
be done now. After Psych I had to go back to PM (god, i
hate it there so much) to take two finals (health and
family dynamics) which I shouldn't have had to take
because it's not like they are real classes or anything.
At least Michelle and I were out of there by 10:30 so it
wasn't too bad.
Getting on to work, the better part of my day. There
were no lessons due to the freezingness (I think I just
made that word up). So I made no money but I did get to
spend like 5 hours with Josh on the couch, where we got
another million comments about if we were dating or not
(so far the answer is not *frown*). I don't know what we are
exactly, it's certainly something but that something is still
undefined at the present time. We had so much fun,
he is really funny and, you'll never believe this one,
he's older than me! I know, I've strayed away from the
babies that I usually date. What can I say, I can't deal
with "babysitting" anymore.
So it is sufficent to say that even though I am going to be
very poor, I am still very happy.

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