Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-01-24 01:19:45 (UTC)

3. Suede - The Living Dead

I was never all that popular at school. I came into the
school system in Mirfield late, so all the main
friendships were formed by then, and later all the close
friends lived close together anyway. I always had friends,
but never bucketloads of them, and by the sixth form I
could talk to anyone, but chose to talk to a maximum of 3
or 4 people. I just didn't like them by then. When I was,
well, 11 I guess, I would sit at the back of the class,
generally getting on better with girls than boys which
isn't as good as it sounds at that age. However, one of
the lads (whose name I shall preserve, though I know my
friends disliked him far more than I ever could, despite
his negative attributes) was singing something odd. It
turned out to be Stay Together by Suede, which - I think -
I trekked down to ASDA on my own to buy on cassette
single. Stay Together remains one of my all time favourite
tracks, but The Living Dead, its B-Side, was something
entirely of its own. From the remarkably quiet guitar
intro to the shouted "IF I WAS THE WIFE OF AN ACROBAT" at
the start of the...bridge? its not a chorus it is all
genius and by the end of the next year I had introduced
all my friends to it, and it had become something of an
anthem for us, who could revel in its genius and
obscurity. Of course, it brings back memories of those
times, but it also beings back memories of those friends,
of whom ALL I have lost contact with. I know what they're
all doing, but that's not the same, is it? I know what
Kate Winslet's doing, but she's not a friend of mine,
more's the pity.