Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-01-24 01:15:54 (UTC)

Ideas Are Nobody's Property But These Memories Are Mine.

Nick Hornby Did It...The Guardian Did It. And if all those
people can do it, then I will to. 31 songs that changed my
life. (Note - this won't be as boring as it sounds.
They're all attached to memories - often to people I miss
or people I love, or happy things past, and unless you've
known me all my life, and those people can be counted on
the fingers of one hand, it'll be something new. Of course
there'll be some songs that I don't like, some songs you
don't know and some songs there simply for the joy of
having heard them. In short, it'll be 31 songs that
ACTUALLY changed my life, not 31 songs that I like and
want to say changed my life. I won't do them in any order
though I may list them chronologically at the end - but
I'll try and put a year on in which they changed my life.
For better for worse, for richer for poorer, I'll get to
the end. That already seems a long way away. we

Enjoy. And apologies if I cry. I will. I already am...

WILT? The Bee Gees - For Whom The Bell Tolls (This is my
favourite Bee Gees song, always was - but why is no-one
playing it now?)