Procrastination is Key
2003-01-24 01:11:02 (UTC)

about 50 degrees colder

So the weekend- made some money, that'll be great, I worked
fri,sat and sun and it was really slow so I was able to get
some school work done. I get a check tomorrow but it wont
be for both weeks that I worked so I get another one in a
couple weeks!! The UConn game was great, esp. since we won-
I was really anxious though- I just knew that they were
gonna come back at the end, but they didnt Whew! So since
we got monday off for MLK I spent the day with michael-
(this is where the title comes in) we played golf!!! what a
beautiful day, must've gotten up to 60 degrees! And to top
it off I didnt suck as much as I some times do. That
evening we had a nice couples dinner with Bill and Michelle
at Amedio's- a really State-ish place, but the food and
company were really good so who cares! Anyway, got the news
that they are engaged- very exciting- I feel so old though
it seems like everybody's getting married, I guess that's
how it goes. Today is and was miserably cold- my legs got
numb so I didnt mind that they were cold but my toes began
to hurt sooooo bad- it felt like they would shatter if I
walked too rough on them! I didnt notice the cold so much
until I went to wait in line for a distribution bracelet.
Its gonna suck so bad on sat morning trying to get tickets,
I just pray for a good number. Anyway- that's all for now-
I have been working trying to get all my info ready for
my "study abroad in NC" :-p application and the
applications trying to get an internship for the summer-
need to get back to that since the deadlines are quickly