A Day in the Life of Me
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2003-01-24 01:09:28 (UTC)


love me let me be me let me move slowly at tortise speed i
love you when you want me even more when you don't respect
me if you love me give me something to hope for and dream
about patience is a virtue absence makes the heart grow
fonder as much as you don't want to let me go i want to
hold onto you be your precious angel your sweet baby girl
wake up to you miss you during the day envision you at
night hold your hand walk through the rain talk through the
issues and problems we face in this life listen to you
listen to me and our hearts beating searching for love and
finding it now figuring out how to the right way together
kind concerned compassionate always never angered or upset
or hurting which comes along the way i don't know if i want
to be free my feathers are quite bright i feel safe in this
cage secure in this captivity nothing can harm me but you
and me the daggers are too sharp and painful to hurt
intentionally accidents happen forgive but not forget pain
is inevitable but time heals all wounds

now thinking about the day that i'll be brave and venture
out to find that love that i've been searching for and
found in you and you've found in me wondering when i can
stand and walk on my own alone with no crutch to catch me
picking myself up and dusting off headed back on the
journey of my life for me maybe you're there already and
waiting for me and maybe you haven't found me yet, prince
charming who will love me let me be me and let me move
slowly at tortise speed