A sad story
2001-09-15 04:02:15 (UTC)

My Guilt

My mother would not talk to me from that point on, but then,
she never really talked to me. She told my sisters that it
was my fault, so they, too, would not talk to me. I always
had my dad to go to, but now, I had no one. I would spend
the day alone; my mom was working and my sisters were at
school. I would spend the whole day eating candy and
drinking water. Sometimes they would forget to put away the
bread, so I would eat that. I felt guilty for ever being born.
I made everyone's life worse, and there was nothing I could do
about it. I hated myself and wished many times that the situation
would be reversed, I would be the one dead. This went on for a
little less than a year. My mom was talking to her friends, and
they decided to share me. They couldn't have kids, but my mom
did not want to make it legal. I was told get my things
together because I was going to go on a trip. Little did I
know that my life was going to be worse.