my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-24 00:54:02 (UTC)


AHHHHHHH im going skiing in the morning AHHHHHH im
nervous!!! ive never been before... i dont wanna fall and
break something the first time haha. ahhhhhh. im gonna feel
liek a blimp.. cause my ski pants.. are huge. lol. they're
beccas. and she's tiny so i bet they were big on her too
lol. i never did find the gloves i was looking for... only
cloth ones... Robin said we should either but sunglasses or
buy goggles up there. lol im like "AHHH" cause it'll be
expensive there, and i dont have sunglasses. so AHH i just
remembered i have to make my lunch for tomorrow lol soooo
behind! soo... much... to doo... sooooo little time....
brain over load *ahhh* must go. good bye maybe by next time
i write ill still be alive and NOT frozen hahahaa bye.
ah... pray for us lol. we're all dangerous teens lol. ciao
p.s. someone kepes driving super fast on the iced roads
here and spinning they're tires... some ones crazy lol.
also... i live in the city right well some ones got a 4
wheeler... lol theres like no where to drive it barely.

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