A Day in the Life of Me
2003-01-24 00:53:11 (UTC)

Soft Asphalt

Take a step forward and want to take two back. But once you
leap in you can't really move out. You've stepped on toes
already, upset many and crushed even more hearts. Guess my
slow isn't fast enough. I desire to walk away but I don't
want to be left hanging out on my own because I'm too
scared to let it all be too real again. There's such a high
when my dreams become a reality but it's so hard to live
them for fear that they won't last. There is always that
chance, but I still have to take that first step back
forward to where I left off. Running like hell seems like
an option no longer. I want to be stuck but I want to be
free. When there is no more middle we're back at square
one. I'll just let it go on and we'll play hopscotch till
the end and the deed is done and the contract is signed.
Maybe I'd rest more if I got less sleep this time. Just
something to think about.