Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-01-24 00:41:21 (UTC)

entry after the last

to is an iteresting day. me and lindsey talked
everything out and all so i am extremely happy. i think i
made her mad today tho, but she won't tell me if she is or
not. lindsey if u r please forgive me, i am sorry for what
i did. i love u. please forgive me.
also today aint to gr8 cause i got in a minor fight w/
my friend erin. i just read her diary and she said the same
thing, so erin i am sorry, i should have just stayed out.
other than all that, today is gr8. altho it is fucking
COLD! seriously, i live in south louisiana, and it is like
30 degrees.....GLOBAL WARMING MY ASS!
if anyone who reads this knows about music, please write
me a message or something. cause i realized i need someone
to talk music w/ me. i will give my AIM then we can talk.
but just haveing so much shit inside me i really need
someone to blow it all on, and understand it.
but what is awsome now, THRICE was just on mtv 2...maybe
they will big, twould be cool. but also not. cause once
bands get big, they sell out. ex: blink 182. before they
got big, they were awsome, budda and chasire cat were one
of there best cd's, cause tom played good guitar. but then
mtv came along and out cam all the small things(GAY SONG)an
yeap...pop punk time. ok well i have to go...i have no clue
what song for today so i will just put my favorite, no
reason y i picked this song tho so bye

todays song:
THRICE-See You In The Shallows