Thoughts and Feelings
2003-01-24 00:36:45 (UTC)

Officially the weaker sex

I IM'd Geoff today from one of my other screen names, which
I guess sounds somewhat stalkerish. But then again I have
to have closure...I just have to have both of us say that
we're over. I mean I know we are, this past weekend made
that very clear but I need it said in words. But it looks
like I'll never get that chance, he won't respond to me.
Which I think is VERY immature. Perhaps even more so then
my IMing him from a screen name he doesn't know. And on
top of that I wrote him an e-mail the other day saying that
I realize that we're over and I am actually okay with it
but I still need some kind of closeure and he's been in my
life for two years, I still want to be friends with him.
After all he knows just about everything about me. Blah I
really need a crush.