Darkening Thoughts of Nevia Lexi
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2001-09-15 03:43:27 (UTC)


Dear Kelly,

Things may be looking grim but there's hopes to get justice
one way or another. Just hoping there's no war because that
would really sucks.

Kitty lost her baby and she is sad. She is staying a while
with me though because her parents got into an argument
again. With all those high expectation and rules they lived
in - Kitty being their glorious child of chaste and all, I
don't think they realised that no all people would turn out
to be what they expected. Anyway - their argument is about
Kitty's brother - Felix. He flung his French and German
Language exams and they are blaming each other for that.

Jamie got a call from his mum. She was ok. She missed her

Phoenix is missing from school. I am not going to go her
place to check if she was ok. She never likes people
mothering her.

Kris and Keith hangs out together now. They seem to relish
looking at girls in short skirts and visible panties. I
even walked passed them once - behind them of course and
overheard Kris talking about some girl's bum and how he
loves to check her out and see how thin her g-string was.

What made me think both of them were nice when they are so

I don't know what to say now. Later.