le soleil et la lune
2001-09-15 03:27:31 (UTC)

Old Navy

Today was my second day at Old NAvy. I got briefly trained
on the register(I'm talking like 10 minutes) with Shay, and
then I was left to my own devices. It was FUN, although,
Tommy made me feel like I was stupid, and when one ladies
check just WOULD NOT read, I was about to cry. But Alex
said I did fine.

I felt a lot better today than I did yesterday. I guess
because I wasn't the newest person anymore. Well, I guess
that's boring. Oh well.

random thought: I think Clary complemented me today. I
said I wanted to go see Sexy Beast. Ashley P asked what
that was, and Clary said, a high brow movie. It's a Sarah
movie. It makes you think.