shay files
2001-09-15 03:21:34 (UTC)

friends suck!! i feel liek i dont have any

hi everyone i have neverdone anything like this before and i
dont konw if anyone will answer my questions or read my
stuff but im just gonna try this out. recently i have just
sort of gotten a little separated from my two best friends.
i stopped hanging out with them last year and then they
became really close. now i feel like i sorta grew out of
them and so i dnt hang around them that much! i just want to
feel like i have somene to talk to but i dont cuz i feel so
alone cuz i dont feel as close to them anymoe. i have other
friends at school but they arent the type of friends that i
can talk to and ask them to help me with my problems... if
anyone is out there please respond tothis and help me!!