De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-09-15 03:08:34 (UTC)


Friday 14/9/01

nothing much today... attended sociology tutorial in the
morning...learnt that Kylie, the red-haired pretty gal in
my class had gotten engaged during the break...she looks
like the actress in That 70s show, who is the gf of the
lead actor???

night, supposed to have a project meeting..but David stood
us up!! Me and Luke ended up wandering about.. we went to
his place where we blasted some D&B mp3s and stuff...then
caught A.I. at Manners Mall...

A.I. muz be the best movie i've watched so far this year...
Haley Joel Osment is such a fine young actor... he really
touched me with his acting..dat guy will go far...

and the story plus visuals of the it has a
distinct Kubrick style plus Spielberg's snazzy tech
scenes...i cant recall the last movie i've watched that is
such a spectacle...the effects was so bloody good... the
first 1/3 of the movie reeked of Kubrick...the next 1/3
reeked so much of Spielberg..the last 1/3 is juz strange...

Spielberg realli did Kurbrick justice in his final film (or
idea for a film) ..A.I. is at the same time, touching, awe-
inspiring...and though -provoking.... although, the
unfortunate references to Manhantten as the "End of the
World" and the depictations of the 2 WTC towers in the
movie were abit hard to bear....

Well, a fantastic movie A.I. is, it definately join the
ranks of my all time fave movies... next to Dead Poets'
Soceity, Jurassic Park, Fight Club, Full Metal Jacket....
lotsa...i cant think fast enuff to list all....

well the horrible week is endin soon...which is great....
this week is prob the worst week so far..i've felt so down
in the mid week but it ended quite well... prob goin
mountain bikin wit Luke soon...should be fun..