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2001-09-15 03:06:32 (UTC)

as the weekend comes my days get crazy

so i had a busy afternoon today, i'll explain, im
exhausted, right after school my brother, ben, and i drove
to west chester, i went to creep and he went to the
courthouse, both of which are a bitch to find in west
chester, the most fucked up streets in the world (2 one
ways right at each other and narrow as ever) so i bought 5
records at creep (4 7"s and 1 12"s) here they are...

digger 12"
digger/weston split 7"
the stryder 7"
hot rod circuit/the anniversary 7"
reggie and full effect/ koufax 7"

so that was cool, all for aroud $25, so then we went to
burger king and i walked home from union st. anyway, i get
home and i call caitlin and she asks me to go to
wonderland, of course i say yes, so we go to wonderland,
but first we go to wawa and hang with miriam for 20 mins,
shes so awesome, i like her a lot, then we go to
wonderland, i buy 2 cds in the "less than $3" box and then
we screw around cvs, talk to lenny and mike then go to
dairy queen and talk to abe, then come back to my moms
house, light candles, then we (me caitiin and ben) walk up
to reigel's house (bio teacher) and meet his wife and kids,
came home, mom was pissed, comforted her, ordered dinner,
got movie, picked up food, came home, ate dinner, watched
movie, now 10:56 and i finally get to get online and check
mail,journal, ect, damn, crazy night, i dotn want to go to
work tommrow, haha, maybe i'll just not show up, that'll
sure get me fired, im so sick of that job, im quitting this
weekend, shhh dont tell my dad, next for job choices...

1. rubensteins (copy store)
2. wawa
3. eckard

so yeah, rubensteins would be cool, maybe id finlly gte to
make cheap copies, haha no other news, i dont know lemme
think, i prolly wont journal again this weekend,my mom is
going away so im stayin with dad, that means loss of
privacy, my brother promised his friend ernie that him and
his girlfriend could fuck in our hosue while my mom is
away, what the hell, stay outta my room! thats fucked up.

"part 2" series...

"craig part 2" = aj sulivan

"clint part 2" = ethan eagle

"jeff part 2" = reigel (scary)

yesterday, clint called fran "oafy" i think i died... it
was so funny, heres the definition of oafy (oafish)

oaf (noun), plural oafs

First appeared 1625

1 : a stupid person : BOOB

2 : a big clumsy slow-witted person

-- oaf*ish (adjective)

-- oaf*ish*ly (adverb)

-- oaf*ish*ness (noun)

thats great. yeah, i had a nice laugh, today in german, we
lauged bout great things, i cant take that class seriously,
shes just so fuckin stupid, we were makin fun
of "DRUGSTORE" and i swear to god, caitlin and i flicked
her off when she turned around and said somthing fast in
german, it was crazy, we'd just make dumb comments so she'd
be all like "KEIN ENGLISCH!" and get all pissed off cause
she doenst kno who said it. wow that was long, but i
needed to vomit it up.


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