Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-15 02:51:02 (UTC)


Hey everyone
How are all of you ? I am ok ! I am so sad , confused ,
hurt everything! Like tonight I went to the football game
and I went to the tailgate before ! and ok I was collecting
donations for the Red Cross tonight at the tailgate and I
went up to this lady and I said " Miss would you like to
donate money to the R.C please ? " and she goes " I forgot
my money and even if I had some I wouldn't donate it ! "
and I wanted to hurt her so bad ! GRRRRRRR ! she made me so
mad ! I was like how the hell could you say that ?! IDK I
don't understand people ! OK the other reason why I am so
upset is just cause of Nate and so many other things that
have to deal with him ! I started to cry tonight cause of
my guy problems also and I DON'T CRY !!!!!!!!!! Ask
anyone ! I don't cry ! and I just like started to cry and
luckly Isra was there to calm me down ! Luv ya Isra ! :) !
Anyways I have to go ! Luv ya always !

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