please stop staring
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2003-01-23 22:12:50 (UTC)

a test between two friends

In the years we have known eachother, Angelica and I, we
have never really fought. Yeah okay we did quarrel over
petty things, but nothing major... not until now, today.
Yes she's pregnant, this time its a sure thing. No joke, no
scare... she has a baby growing inside her belly. Now i
want her to know that what is going on is wrong, really
wrong and there is no way to sugarcoat it. I didnt yell but
asked if she wanted this to happen, why didn't her bf say
they needed to practice safe sex? She says im not being
supportive, but why? she is so special and intelligent, and
she has made the biggest mistake that will change her life
forever.So we're fighting and i told her that she needed
some space and i was only being a friend. I said if you
want, you can contact me, but you're hurting and i dont
seem to be helping so im going to leave you alone for
awhile. So dunno. Then after that, i binged on crap and
purged, GOD IM FAT ENUF!!! Mom's in the best mood, yay for
her-good because she just transferred and that's a lot of
stress. But im such a mess... feel ugly again today and
self conscious, and fat and worthless. Dunno what to do or
how to feel like myself anymore. What now :(