My So called crapy life
2001-09-15 02:37:40 (UTC)

September 14th 2001

ok well I have not writen in here in a long time and I keep
getting the e-mail sayen that u have not updated your thing
and I just delete it I have bin way to bissy with working,
and XC, and school, some days I'm only home for about 20
mins and then I go to work! well I have my licence I can
drive and I have some what a car it's a POS but it works
and I can go see missy in it and we have fun together lol
we passed the 6 month park on the 10th wow and then like
the next day all that stuff started to happin that's not a
good sign, well I have a race maro for XC I know it's at
some collage about a hour drive from here and I'm getting
soo sleepy so I gotta go soon I know this one is a little
short I know alot has gone on in my life but I can't say
much right now I'm to bissy to sit in front of my comp the
way I use to I just want some bobby time to sit back and
relax! aw I need sleep well bye