Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2003-01-23 22:03:02 (UTC)

Charles.... a high school drop out?

I've been missing a lot of school lately. I've been
doing some thinking so thats why. I've been thinking about
dropping out of high school. I mean two months ago, I would
never consider it but now.... I guess things got a little
more stressful and depressing than I thought they would
this second semester. :( I'm a junior and even though its
only four more months until summer vacation, I don't want
to ever go back to school! .... Well I'm sure I'll regret
this decision later on.
I don't know exactly how hard it'll be to be a
successful man without a diploma, I will admit that. But I
can do anything that I'm asked to do in buisiness! You
know, my father never got passed the 11th grade either...
but thats because he was involved in a life-threatening car
wreck. My mom didn't pass the 11th grade either. She was
pregnaunt with me.... haha what a bummer huh? I guess it is
a little ironic though... I am the eldest born child of my
parents. What is my reason you ask? It's.... kind of
personal, but I'm dropping out to help my family out at
Even when my dad does get out of jail, I'm afraid
there is little that can be done about our house and
financial problems.... So I'm going to lend a helping hand
because I'm sick of living in depression and always having
to put up with school at the same time! You wouldn't
believe how stressful it is even now! I mean its like
28'degrees outside, the lows are 2 and windchills are as
low as -6! My greatgrandmother may die at any moment, my 18
year old dog, Tinker, is barely able to move, and right now
our water lines are frozen up..... do you see now? Thats
what I, the first born son has to put up with ::sighs::
You know, if there is anyone who deserves a million
dollars right now, its me hahaha but like that's going to
happen any time soon. I've talked to all of my friends abot
dropping out, most of them wanted me to stay in school, and
some understood my situation. Who knows, maybe there is
something good comming from all of this... Well, I'm gonna
go find something to do, while I wait for my bro and
grandmom to get back from the bank. I'll see you later

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