2001-09-15 02:14:22 (UTC)

"German Cutie"

Hey! Well, I had a really good day at school today! I am so
happy! I don't even know why! Well, yeah I do know why.

Well, school even started good. I was just in a happy mood.
1st period is the worst, because I'm in a class where the
majority of the kids are retarted freshmen who act like
their in the 5th grade. C'mon now! But, it was all cool. I
was still in a good mood.

Then, 2nd period, I had to run the mile for PE. I wasn't
going to make that ruin my day, so I decided to jog and
powerwalk. The coach still gave me the credits because
she'd seen that I tried. So, I was still in a good mood.

I have AVID 3rd period, which is like a college prep class,
so I like that class. Then I had lunch, and we had this
rock band come out there and perform for us, so that was
fun, even though I don't listen to that kind of music.

Then 5th&6th period, I stay in the same classroom because
it's Honors Lit and Honors History, and I love those
classes, so I was in a good mood from that.

Well, then after school, my friend Reyna and I were waiting
for her mom to pick us up from school. So we were waiting,
and waiting. Then, Reyna was like, "Jasmine, did you see
that white boy checkin you out?" And I was
like, "Whatever!" So, while Reyna went to go call her mom,
this girl was like, "Yeah, Mr. Germany over here has a
little crush on you. He thinks you're sexy!" And I just
started laughing.

My friend Justin needed a ride home so I told him to go ask
the 3 white people *including Mr. Germany* for a ride. So,
then the Germany guy said that he could give him a ride
home. So, then Reyna came back and Justin and the German
boy came over. And I started making conversation,
then. . .. .ooooohhh. . .the most prettiest accent I've
ever heard! He's an Exchange Student, and he's going to be
staying at our school for 5 months! That's enough time to
get to know him a little better! He is sooooo cute! The
prettiest smile, pretty eyes, oh! And don't forget about
the accent! Man. . .I can't wait until Monday!

PS: Today was the national day to remember those who were
lost in the tragedy at New York, so say a prayer or have a
moment of silence in remembrance of them.