A day in the life
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2001-09-15 01:22:48 (UTC)

do I LOOK like a mom?....

what the hell, today i went into work to pick up my
paycheck. I didnt have school today and neither did my
little brother so he was with me b/c i had to watch him. So
i walk in holding my little brothers hand(hes only 5), I
can feel all eyes on me... its the wierdest thing ever, i
walk up to the counter and asked if we got our paychecks in
and sean just points to the break room, then one of my
other coworkers walks by, opens the door to the breakroom
for me, as i go in he asks me "is this your son" what the
hell, Since when do i look like a mom! I know he has to
have SOME knowledge of my age but shit, do i look old or
something. Im only 16. It just really bothers me that
people would just assume that i had a child,its almost like
they dont even think of the possiblity of having a little
brother or something.