The Well
2001-09-15 01:13:32 (UTC)

Well gosh golly gee whiz mr. ed...

It's been 3 days since we were attacked and all I'm feeling
is shock...How long will this last? Everything in me loaths
the thought of war...even if it is in our own defense...I
don't want anyone to get hurt or die...I'm terribly sad
that so many people have already been injured and died...

What makes people do things like this? Aren't we supposed
to be better than "wild" animals? Then why do we act so
dispicable? *sighs* Any happy feelings I've had this week
have been edged with anxiety or generally sadness and
loathing...I'm terrified...I know the USA could probably
beat them...but I'm still terrified...I never wanted to
live during a time that would go down in history books...I
never wanted to live through a war...although I do want to
live through it now that it's here...*sighs* Will someone
please tell me I'm just being a stupid whiny baby???