A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-01-23 18:57:12 (UTC)


Yo Yo Yo wus really good?? Well my whole weekend wus mad
tight lemme see...On friday I didnt do shit jus go 2 tha
mall...Saturday I went 2 my cuzins babyshower,I came home
around 11:00pm and around 12:30 am I snuck out wit 2 of my
homeboyz (no names)...yea we went 2 sum jaccuzzi and
chilled 4 a bit den tha cops came talkin bout "wut tha fuck
are we doing in sum jaccuzzi at dis time" it wus like
4:00am wen we had gotten out. I wus shitting my pants i
thought they were gonna go take me home den my ass wulda
bin in deep shit and my lock down wulda bin worse...On
Sunday I didnt do shit tha whole day I jus stayed home
bored as fuck...den like around 12:00am my homeboy snuck in
my room (no name yet) yea we jus chilled...I really am
starting 2 like dis boy alot but we'll see as far as it
will go... I'm hoping he feels tha same way...but if he
doesnt "oo well wut else can i do"...Monday I chilled at my
crib wit a few of my hmeboys and 2 of my homegurls we jus
chiled at my hizzo and did pretty much nuthing...well Hans
has bin calling me and annoying tha shit outta me but I'm
glad cus all tha love I had for him is goin away...2day I
got out early 4rm skool we got out early cus of exams..they
were mad easy I wusnt even much stressin it ....but it wus
good cus tha whole week I came home early...Ight well I'm

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