Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-23 18:48:35 (UTC)

Mutherfucking Murderer

Listening to : Dr Dre - Still D.R.E
I want to kill everyone i work with. Every single one of by one...I wouldnt break a sweat...I wouldnt
smile or cry or laugh...I just wouldnt stop until they were
all dead. They treat me like shit and cant take it when I
give it back.
I'm not going to lay back and let them fuck me over and
over...just because...thats not the the way things go.
Came off the phone from Jo..with Johnny and the bitch in
the corner sitting there listening making comments and just
went for me when I finished. katie was like "ohhhh...bye
byeee jo."
"What? I'm not taking that from least I didnt ask
her if she wanted me to make her her favourite sandwich."
Like her and her 12 year old husband. Jonny laughed...she
took it hard.. She was was obvious...and
struggling "what do you mean? what are you on? heroin? can
I have some.." It was poor...I was like "No no no ...I'll
take jip from this half (rich and ian) but not from this
half "katie and Jonny." No doubt it was home for her and
ohh tell "hubby." I was hoping he was there when I came
out..I could kill both of them...
"Fuck shooting I'm just trying to knock his teeth out."
How about she stops all the stupid fucking jokes against
me..all the making comments and jokes when I'm trying to
concentrate while I'm on the phone and waiting till i come
off to give me a load of grief...and I wont give her any
back. But doesnt work that way. I forgot its her
god given right to treat me like shit...after all..all the
others do so its ok for her and Jonny too. Reading this
give Gary ammo for weeks...everytime..anything serious its
just jokes...I want to kill him...I want to see him in
pieces...I hate them all..more than anything. I want a new
job. But I would probably be the same.
Everyone hates me. I dont know one person who likes me.

Umberto has loaded his .42 and 9mm and bitched on the way
to the scene of impending death,murder, rape and
destruction @ 18:52

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