still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-09-15 00:42:52 (UTC)

no more singledom

So I'm at work and am not supposed to be writing in this so
I might have to make this quick again...let me explain
briefly the events that led up to Jason and I getting back
together...Adrienne and I went to Vegas about 3or 4 weeks
ago for the weekend...well Jason called me on my cell on
that Friday night and was drunk , just got back from the
racetrack with his friend Rob and wanted to get some..well
we were on X and somehow talked them into flying up and
staying with us...well they did and we went out partying
that night and his friend went out gambling by himself
because Adrienne hooked uop with another guy...well the
next day her and Rob ended up getting together and we all
spent the day at the poiol then partied again on Saturday
night.We got hiome Sunday afternoon and Jason had to go home
(he told his girlfriend that he went to the desert, which
is partially true)Well I started feeling crappy about what
I was doing(knowing he had a girlfriend)and I had decided
that next time I talked to himn I'd tell him about it and
that I didn't want to sleep together anymore...well the
next night I was smoking out with Silvana and Jason
called...apparently he tried telling his girlfrined that he
was going to his friend Ryans house but she wanted him to
stay home(really he was trying to get out to see me)I
didn't know this at the time...well she wouldn't let him
and he finally broke down and told her that he wanted to
see me and that he's been seeing me the whole time...we've
been together since...don't know yet if it's the right
decision but I needed to get out of my moms place and we
got a duplex in City Heights(that is the unfortunate part)
we wanted a place by the beach but it's hard tpo find with
a dog and reasonable price...our place is nice just a
little ghetto but I like it.Anyway I'll write later

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