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2001-09-15 00:27:39 (UTC)


you were a book that was closed.
and tonight.
tonight you were opened again.
i do not think of you.
i didnt know who she was reffering to.
and i still drive with my windows down in the rain.
but you.
i no longer miss.
your position has been rearranged.
and maybe you did it for me.
and maybe you were right.
but that doesnt mean i was ever wrong.
and you were the one who taught me.
how to be so fucking strong.
i didnt know.
i didnt know you still thought of me.
i didnt know you still cared.
and maybe thats the way you wanted it.
and maybe thats the way it should have stayed.
but time has been good this go around.
and i hold nothing against you.
i hold nothing at all.
but my love for those i do.
and, i still do for you.
you know.
i doubt youd even like me anymore.
you have no idea how much ive changed.
i know that we will never be friends.
but at least this way.
we wouldnt have to pretend.
and yeah.
yeah things are better this way.
and im glad to know.
that you didnt forget.
im glad to know now.
that it wasnt all bullshit.

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