Where am I?
2001-09-14 23:32:31 (UTC)


well, this is my first time writing...i don't know really
where i should start. i got the idea for doing this from a
friend and figured maybe it would be a good way to vent and
to get all my frustrations out. i might as well start out
by saying this week has been awful. everything that has
happened in our country is just left me dumbfounded.
watching the BBC world news i think has given me insight
about how americans basically were somewhat naive thinking
that something like this wouldnt happen to us. im not
trying to trivialize the whole thing, it just frustrates me
so that i can do nothing about how our government makes
decisions for our country and the people in it.
anyway, thinking about all of it just leaves an
overwhelming sadness in my heart. and out of all of this,
i feel really alone. i thought that certain people were
going to be there for me but i guess thats not the case. i
feel like i have no friends. oh, well, life could be worse.