A day in the life
2001-09-14 23:20:01 (UTC)

why am I crying about this???

I was just bitched out by my dad. Apparently I'm a very
cold and an all around negative person. I really hate it
when he talks to me like this, He's always "You need to
grow as a person". As if he had room to talk. I'm
struggling with a lot right now and i dont really know how
else to deal with it all. I guess its just my way of coping
with all the shit thats been ever so harshly dealt to me.My
dad told me that i need to stop blaming all thats happened
the past couple of years on other people.He told me that i
have to start looking at everthing thats wrong with me.
Whats wrong with me. "your unhappy all the time" Im
actually happy how i am... i dont know The fact that Im
crying about it really makes me upset. i know that Im
negative sometimes. I really dont like my "friends" and Im
upset about where my life is going. Im scared of whats Im
going to do with myself. I cant take this anymore....