pollen makes me sneeze
2001-09-14 23:18:27 (UTC)


it's been the absolute worst week in the world. first all
the bombings in america, and now this happens. we must have
used up about a thousand boxes of tissues all together. i
just can't belive what happened.
uncle roland died.
god. god, god, god. he was only fourty-seven.
meme walked into his room at around nine-thirty thursday
morning and there he was, lying on the couch, all pale and
white and not moving. she told pepe to run next door and
phone the ambulance but it was too late. he was gone,
sometimes i think being mentally ill is worse than being
physically ill. at least you know who you are, where you
belong, your identity. uncle roland had schitzophrenia, but
he was the nicest, kindest of all our uncles.
hi uncle roland up in heaven. i miss you.
pepe didn't even understand what was going on, really.
alzhiemers, i guess.
i hate alzhiemers.
yesterday he collapsed while they were making the funeral
preperations. uncle alex actually thought he was dead and
was going to apply cpr, but suddenley he just started
counting to twenty in german.
it scared me.
most of all, i feel sorry for meme. she's lost a son that's
been there for her all the time. she's destroyed. she
wouldn't stop crying when we saw her on wednesday.
hate god. hate, hate, hate god sometimes.
why did he have to do that to her??