Pro's Life
2003-01-23 14:22:57 (UTC)

Family Ish

There are so many things I think about that I want to put
in here but I never do (or my previous diary's). It's like
when I start typing I can't think of anything important
worth writing. Like about my fucked up family. I mean, it's
not like I have the worst family in the world, but
sometimes I feel like I do. I have absolutely no respect
for my mom anymore. I feel like she gave up on trying to be
successful on her own and settled with having a man for
security, no matter how much she was hurting her children
in the process. We were doing fine before she married the
asshole prick of the world. Ever since she married him,
everything's changed. It's like everything has to be his
way and for whatever reason she won't stick up for herself
or me and my siblings. The rest of my family, like my aunts
and stuff, think that Ken is such a great guy, so they
don't undersatnd why I isolate myself from my mom and him.
Everyone thinks I'm being a selfish brat, but they don't
see what goes on in that house everyday. I'm supposed to go
on vacation with them this summer, but I don't think I want
to go. I'd rather spend a week all by myself than have to
put up with their bullshit. I know I'm not being very
specific, but there are just too many fucked up things to
say about them. My mom married a prick and that's basically
all there is to it. Anyway, I guess I just needed to get
that out.

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