jain dharma girl

jain dharma girl
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2001-09-14 22:43:26 (UTC)

light of the world, shine on me... love is the answer

relief is coming soon. today is my last day of working
8:30am - 5:30pm. this might not seem like much, but it
means the world to a night owl like myself in feeling like
a normal, well slept person.

today i was so tapped out that i took a one hour catnap in
the quiet room at work during my lunch break. my roomie
mikala and i are supposed to go out tonight, but i may bag
out on her in lieu of a sleepy evening at home.

not to mention this is going to be a short weekend. i'm off
today at 5:30pm, but am working again sunday at 2:30pm. i
feel tapped out emotionally from the tragedies with those
planes that were hyjacked and flown into the new york trade
center twin towers on tuesday.

financially, i'm pretty much broke... because i'm utterly
stupid with my money. with my current chubby state, my
exhaustion level, etc. i think i'm going to take it easy
for the next 24 hours or so.

i... i just don't feel like being out there in the public
with my thoughts as convoluted as they are. i feel like i
need to "shake it all up"... a new diet, new exercise
program, a new way of looking at things. i want to look and
feel new again. somehow i think this is going to take some
radical changes and i need to take the next 24 hours to
kick start this...

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