2001-09-14 22:34:03 (UTC)

I want to scream

I am so tired and frustrated and busy.

Today I went to the school, then I spent several hours in
the elementary school. After hiking to timbuktu to catch
the bus(which I barley made by the way and that's after
running). I then had to clal the DMV which if that isn't
frustration I don't know what is. I called and sat on hold
forever. I finally get a live person who then sends me to
another person. This time I waited listening to stuff in
Spanish(keep in mind I speak English). A guy comes on the
phone and tries to speak to me in Spanish I told him I
speak English so he started speaking English. The problem
was he ha such a thick accent I couldn't understand him. I
was about ready to scream. Talking to this man was so

While I'm on the phone my step mom knocks on the door and
says she has to talk to me. I was annoted with the DMV by
this point and still needed to call the insurance company.
Then she imformed me that i need to check with her before
scheduling my appointment. I felt like saying why should I
it's my car! Then she informs me she will be taking it for
many follow up appointments. So glad you asked me it is my
car we know. All you do is sit at home all day I'm heo ne
who needs my car.

Then after this she goes inot this whole speel abut how
thw nature of my dad's job has changed yadda yadda and then
she gives me this whole thing on how we can't "chafeur you
aorund" on the weekends. So you'll jsut have to get
yoruself to work. So wait you can take my car whenever you
want but you can't be in it with me and help me. The
nbshe's like yo uan get to your other job way over there yo
ucan get ot this. What they are missing is that before I
took the other job I thought there'd be a bus because I
looked it up. I also have to have my other job for school.
But no we don't see this. At this point this was enough. I
finally cracked. Normally I just hold it in and react when
they leave. I'm like who the hell is supposed ot help me.
And she's like youv'e had all summer. I'm like who? I got
people down form La as I could and I even paid for a
driving school. Then she's like you had time to go to church
(am I missing something here . Is church a bad thing) and
had time to hang out with your friends(who?).
Then she's like you had itme to be wih Steve and i told he
r we were driving. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have
any freeway experience. Also what she doesn't realize is
that it wasn't a time thing. It was jsut getting people to
come here and help me. Who was I supposed to get?????? My
mom is in La and so is my best friend and both of them work
oppostire schedules as I do. When I can get my best friend
don here for a vsisit we do drive. All this and I payed for
a driving school and set it up all myself. I even set up to
take my car all the ay down to la so when I was staying
with my mom that week I could drive. What the hell else do
you want me to do?????????

Now I gotta go to work whcih means I have to try to get
changed quick to catcha nother damn bus and it also means I
need to stop crying so I can work. Of vcourse there is no
one to talk to here. I want to just scream!