my life sux
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2003-01-23 11:03:50 (UTC)

My foots hurting more ever I go see a doctor today I wont be ing to MCG the 29th.

Hello Diary,
I finally went made a appointment see someone over my foot.
I'll have x-rays taken today and I sure hopeI find what
happenned to my foot.
It's hurting like crazy of course but thats nothing new.
I seem to get sick or hurt myself more than anyone.
I have no idea how i did this to my foot at all.

Were broke and there's know way we can reant a car to go to
MCG.SO I called up there yesterday saying I wanted
Dr.politsky to call me back and tell me how I did on the
neuro psych test.Of course I didn't hear from me.
Since I'll be gone for quite a few hours today he'll
probably call than.
That'll most like be my look with the guy.