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2001-09-14 22:33:37 (UTC)


So, I'm stuck, very stuck. I'm dying to make new friends
and begin new relationships, but I don't want to spend any
less time with Ken. The [sick] truth is that he is my BEST
friend. I know that some people say that about their
wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends and use the term
very loosely. But I really mean it. We spend every second
we possibly can together and we rarely fight. And it's not
like this is a new relationship and that's why we get along
so well. We've been together for 2 1/2 years... that's a
pretty long time. Anyway, the point is I do want to make
other friends and at a commuter school like I go to, I
think that's gonna be pretty damn hard. I don't have the
money to join a sorority and I honestly don't see myself as
a sorority type of girl. I guess I need to look for a new
job, where people my age work. But if I did my new friends,
how often would I spend time with them? Well, a lot if they
didn't mind having Ken as their friend too. I don't spend a
lot of time with my friends from highschool though. Time to
break the cycle Tara, go out, make new friends, talk to the
people in your classes (effort = progress). I can do it, I
can do it, suck it up cause I can do it. I got a 3 hour
rock climbing class ahead of me, and my goal is to talk to
that freshman girl I met last time.... get to know her a
little bit. I can do it!!

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