2001-09-14 22:33:13 (UTC)


Latest thought:
Okay, so Ken and I often discuss our future lives together.
(Yes, this means getting married, but not for a long time)
It's not the getting married part that I'm afraid of
(because I know he's the one) its his last name. I don't
particulary like my current last name... but I've always
had it and figured it'll change someday anyway. I want a
name with a ring to it. I told him that we should both just
change our last names, that we should chose one together...
but he doesn't seem to be to interested. I think he thinks
I'm joking, but I'm really not. I want to be one of those
idiots whose proud of their WHOLE name. You know, like
introduces themselves saying their entire name. Is that too
much to ask? I've been over and over what sounds good. "Hi,
my name is Tara Tyler". or "Hi, my name is Tara.... "
grr... I don't know. Tara, Tara, Tara what? In a normal
diary I would write my last name and Ken's last name, but
for security reasons I don't think I will. Just know that
they are both horrible names. For some reason I've decided
that WE need a whole new last name. I'll brainstorm for
awhile and then spring the conversation on him and post how
it goes. Though the last time we had the conversation he
started making up goofy italian last names... Giovannisi...
blah blah blah.

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