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2001-09-14 22:32:39 (UTC)


I decided to add this to my home page, because I often have
thoughts/feelings/ideas to express, and no one to hear them
or no one I find interesting enough to share them with. I
am not in the least, a shy or stuck up person and I think a
lot people (who don't know me) figure I'm one or the other.
This might be because I decided a long time ago that in
most situations its best to keep stories of me and thoughts
of my own to myself. People just don't care and if they do,
they usually don't listen. I guess what I mean to say is
you know when you're with a group of people (friends,
family, classmates, whatever) and everyone is talking to
one another and when you begin to talk about yourself,
express your thougts or feelings or begin to tell a story
about the time that..., you realize that those people
aren't really listening? I think when I realized that
people don't really listen, I stopped really talking,
stopped really expressing and began to internalize
EVERYTHING. I think that has led to a very stressed out and
emotional me. I don't like that. I'm too easily overwhelmed
by little parts of my life because I keep everything
inside. I honestly feel as though if I post what I
think/feel on any given subject on any given day, I'll get
what I want out! People can listen, or not and I won't
really know. I'll also try to post pictures of myself that
day or within a couple days of that post... just to make
things more interesting.
If this does work out, and I'm posting more often than not
and people are reading more than I know, then feel free to
ask questions or make comments by emailing me or writing in
my guestbook.
So here I go!

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