D-RoCk's Memoirs
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2003-01-23 08:48:29 (UTC)

Jan. 23, 2002

Dear Journal,
I am proud to say that tomorrow afternoon i should be
the proud owner of a brand new pair of roller skates.
Thats right you heard it, I think that im gonna start
playing hockey again.(just as a recreational type thing)
But I'm still stoked about getting a new pair of blades.
Nothing really interstring happed at school today, other
then i aced my first statistics quiz & my first group
project. So i was pretty stoked about that today to. I
have another quiz tomorrow & another quiz on friday. It
shouldnt be to bad though so im not to worried. Im
actually more worried about my astronomy class then about
my stats class. Is that funny or what? I swear my teacher
has to be the most retarted, mono-tone speakin, hairy wilda
beast lookin prof. in the world. We havent had out first
midterm yet but i am kinda worried about it. Especially
since i sleep like everyday in that class. Man, & its no
help that every time i am awake in that class i look over
to my left & theres rays totally passed out drooling all
over his face & to my left is Andy who looks totally out.
Then we have ben. well ben's, just ben. He doesent really
do anything. In fact im not even sure that he knows that
hes in astronomy. Anyway gotta go. have to sleep, got a
quiz tomorrow.


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