One hell of a life
2003-01-23 08:25:52 (UTC)

1-23-03 entry thirty six

YEEEEEah baby - only one more thing to worry about. And
that would be report cards. They're so pathetic, teachers
shouldn't even bother going to all the trouble. I found my
biology book in some old box which hadn't been unpacked
yet, and I got the scientific calculator i needed.

See, just how much school is stressing me out? Nothing else
in my life is a problem. Well, maybe parents, a bit. And

Um, the office set came this week, and it was set up in my
dad's office looks real cool.

Holiday coming up - next thursday is our last day and then
we get ten days off.

What else? There's nothing of particular interest in my
life right now - it's just school, study, grades.
And school is sh!t, studying sucks, and my grades are so
totally crap I get nervous every time I think about them.
This Friday, Lo and I are going to get our hair done. I
need it straightened again. (did I mention?? The perm came
out like two days after I had it done, so i got a free
haircut and wash instead. Just layers.) Then we're going to
watch that movie, 8 miles. Then another called Chicago. I
think it sounds pretty pathetic but maybe it isnt.

Oh and Jason is being a bit strange on MSN...he keeps
complimenting and I don't think he knows that I'm not
attracted to him, cause he acts like we love each other or