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2003-01-23 07:57:30 (UTC)

My Reason

When you awake in the morning from sleeping
and you even thought about it when you were dreaming
You know in your heart it's what you are meant to do
and will give anything to make your dream come true

when its in your heart and on your mind all day
and you know that it is only one dream away
when it is the only thing that you are living for
and you don't want it to just be a dream anymore

a passion that fills your tummy with butterflies
and when it brings happy tear drops to your eyes
when it is a part of who you are and will always be
a passion so deep it makes you honestly happy

have faith, have hope, be brave and stay strong
and you will somehow end up where you belong
don't let anything or anyone stand in your way
and your dreams will come true somehow someday.

Ashley L. Archer

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