Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
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2001-09-14 22:16:55 (UTC)

Sex conversation....

This was about two days before we started going bakc out =)
hehe yay!

katieatUCCS: hey

Bballnjo: hey what's up?

katieatUCCS: nothing much'

katieatUCCS: you feel friday?

Bballnjo: what?

katieatUCCS: oops

katieatUCCS: free

Bballnjo: yeah why?

katieatUCCS: want to go to a foot ball game with me and
then fool around?

Bballnjo: i don't know, i have to see what is going on

Bballnjo: but sounds good

katieatUCCS: thats cool :-)

Bballnjo: fool around where?

katieatUCCS: I mean if you can't I understand

katieatUCCS: probably my house

Bballnjo: i don't know i may be able to come over after the
game or something i have company coming from out of town

katieatUCCS: oh:-(

Bballnjo: sorry

katieatUCCS: its ok babe

Bballnjo: i should be able to see you sometime tomorrow
night though

katieatUCCS: well see if I go with my friends they will
want to go out after it

Bballnjo: do you still want me to come over after the game
if i can

Bballnjo: just have them drop you off after

katieatUCCS: thats why I was hoping you would go with
me...they are all having guys with them

Bballnjo: sorry i don't think i am going to be able to make
it to the game

katieatUCCS: thats cool

katieatUCCS: Well I think they will

katieatUCCS: I will try

katieatUCCS: just don't know what time I will be home.

Bballnjo: ok that is fine

Bballnjo: will we be able to fool around at your house?

katieatUCCS: mmmm ok what if its saturday LOL

katieatUCCS: probably

katieatUCCS: mom will be at work and dad will most likely
be gone

Bballnjo: i work all day and night saturday

Bballnjo: maybe later saturday night

Bballnjo: after 9 or so

Bballnjo: oh ok

Bballnjo: good then we can be as loud as we want to be

katieatUCCS: its all good

katieatUCCS: LOL

Bballnjo: damn i am so horny

katieatUCCS: and why is that?

Bballnjo: i don't know i just have been for awhile now and
then talking to you of course tops it off

katieatUCCS: omg why?!

katieatUCCS: its just me

Bballnjo: yep

Bballnjo: it is you mainly i have been thinking about you

katieatUCCS: oh.... thanks

katieatUCCS: :-*

katieatUCCS: but why???

Bballnjo: damn my dick is nearly breaking through my pants

katieatUCCS: cause I blushed?

Bballnjo: yeah

Bballnjo: what are you wearing now?

katieatUCCS: a tank top too hot and my swimming short

Bballnjo: cool

katieatUCCS: short thigh ones

Bballnjo: nice

katieatUCCS: yeppers

katieatUCCS: what made you think fo me?

Bballnjo: just everything

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