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2003-01-23 06:43:21 (UTC)

A Little Odd

I was IM'd by someone who claimed to be doing a graduate
research study about the development of women. I won't go
into great detail, but there were questions about sexual
fantasies. And I had a breakthrough. Ok, maybe not a
breakthrough, but something hit me. And I told her. I told
her that I have to feel like I can have an intelligent
conversation with someone before I can fantasize about
them. And that is so true. I can't stand having to explain
things to people and then have them have no opinion. It
just bothers me. For example, I love Trivial Pursuit. I'm
just really good at it. But I hate to play with someone
who doesn't know any of the answers. I can't help it. I'm
sure that it makes me arrogant. If you don't know any of
the answers, I just won't play with you. And that's fine.
But I won't fantasize about you. Sorry.

Wow, I'm kinda a jerk. Booo.