2003-01-23 06:38:38 (UTC)

I'm Gold

I am finally gold.....
If you dont know what I am talking about, I have made it
to gold in my e-learning at work. I am gold in Retail
support which is the department I work in. I am also gold
in Sports and Lawn and Garden!! WOOWHOO! That means I get
entered 3 times to win a trip to anywhere in North
America. Only through our store, and not everyone will get
gold 3 or more times......at least I dont think. This is
kewl....I am excited. I have until June to get gold in the
other 3 or 4 departments...

Anyways...thats my update for today....other then that
there isnt really anything new......I worked and that was
pretty much my day. Its really cold here...it was about
-35 here today...and suppose to be around -42 or so
tomorrow. WOO! Cant wait for that one! (sarcastic)

Oh well thats all for now....