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2001-09-14 21:57:44 (UTC)

Premonitions from the night of Wed. the 12th

I just started this diary after some vivid predictions on
the 12th--the day after the WTC bombing. (I am sorry for
the suffering that many many people are going through). I
made some predictions on the evening of Wednesday the 12th
with my wife writing down what I spoke of as I sought out
visions. I will give a list of items which I recorded and
the following items are what I had seen in my mind. There
were significant hits from the list of predictions from the
12th. Here is the list of hits with
explanations:Vision: The numbers 10-19
or 1019 of date of 10/19
Validation: 10 people were arrested in
NY airport. 19 is the total # of
hijackers.Vision: Clinton to
speak on the 13th regarding events
Validation: After arriving back from
Australia after being stranded, he spoke in the street of
NY about events.Vision: Flight
box recorder to be found on the 13th from Pennsylvania
Validation: Box was found on
13th.Vision: The name S-a-d or
S-a-a-d or similar will be significant.
Validation: One of the hijackers
killed was named Saeed.Vision:
The name Farud or similar noted.
Validation: A man named Harun F----
was spoken of in relation to bin
Laden.Vision: Russia will
support US militarily.
Validation: They said they would
support US.Vision: The
name Debra will be noted.
Validation: I saw a woman on TV's
Larry King about the pilot of one of the planes. Her name
was Debra--I believe a sister or wife of the
pilot.The above were hits. Below are
things I feel strongly about and may be of significance in
the near future. I will validate things as I see matches or
near-matches. The remainder of the visions from the 12th
are as follows:

Tokyo will face something major (earthquake,
Montreal, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston will be noted.
2 killed in Montreal? or another location unrelated
to WTC.
LA / Toronto connection to terrorists.
An incident with a bus in the Middle East.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will be of significance.
I will be seeking more visions later
today to post here. Please visit back often and bookmark.

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