Book of the Purple Faerie
2003-01-23 06:25:49 (UTC)

First Week

Well, I've returned to good ol' SRU and in the process of
one week, covered all the 'must have's of college life...
at least, as I know them.

1) Reunion with friends. The gang's all back and as a
bonus, we got to see Chief and Michelle on the very first
weekend! Much gaming and movie viewing have taken place,
including Signs, the fourth Excel Saga DVD (ugh, Excel...
your new voice HURTS), The One. It's great to be around
everyone again. I missed them a lot.

2) Schoolwork. Seems like every class I have assigns a ton
of reading. And I've got my math this semester... I suck at
math. Joy of all joys, but I'm working very hard to keep up
good notes, reading and grades (I hope).

3) Road Trip (or Trouble with Cars). We went to pick up
Michelle from Applebee's this weekend and on the ride home,
Cindy's car broke down. The guys came to our rescue, and
two days later, we went to get lounge fries.

4) No water. Because the people in my building are morons
and flush things that oughtn't be flushed... So at 9 am,
the water was turned off. Lovely...

5) Video games. I've gotten addicted to Suikoden 3 thanks
to Michelle... Much fun!

6) Downloading. I've started on collecting episodes of
Magic Knight Rayearth and Noir. I've also got Trigun from
Jason and Hack-sign from Michelle, with some random
episodes of other things. Kazaa was really behaving at the
beginning of our return, but now it's very slow and
uncooperative. But I continue to fight!

It's been tiring, but good. I love school for its challenge
and close proximity to my friends. Rooming with Heather
beats seeing her every other day at home. I want to make
Dean's list again this semester. I don't like having four
classes on one day, but it's not too bad. Lit crit and
Writing for Media and Film isn't too hard (though the text
for M&F is HORRIBLE). Get to read a lot and watch fun
movies! I actually convinced the M&F prof, Dr. Covery, who
is a ton of fun, to try to and decipher the anime series
Serial Experiment Lain. Sweet!

Little bro turned 13 yesterday... gosh they grow up fast. I
might get to go visit this weekend and celebrate. I hope
so... but it's superbowl weekend, so I might not.

Well, it's early and Heather's got an 8:30 am class, so bed
is near... Laters!


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